PILOT TO SHIP" At Auckland Harbour the Pilot boards a container ship "Australian Venture' and guides it to her berth. Made for Voyager, the Auckland Maritime Museum by students at Auckland Technical Institute.
Producer, Direct, Edit Doco ATI-Softscan 1985
LOOKING AFTER OUR MOB" The NSW Department of Housing commissioned this video to help inform its indigenous clients of culturally appropriate services available to help them find housing
Line Producer, Direct, Edit Drama Puzzle Prods-Softscan 2005





A TIGHES HILL STORY” Community drama of the eviction riots during the Great Depression in Newcastle. The ensuing court case was won by the "rioters" and the Police condemned. Written by Maggie Young and Vera Deacon.

Producer, Direct, Edit Drama Broadcast Satellite Community TV 2006

'WORKING WOMEN" Working prostitutes inside Fairlea Women’s Prison demonstrates events of their lives on issues of drugs, harassment, relationships. Made using role playing workshops as an experiment in using community theatre techniques in issue based documentaries. With help from Maud Ford at the VCA

Producer, Direct, Edit Drama-Doco Softscan Open Channel Pilot, Broadcast Satellite Community TV 2007

"TALKING DRUMS" Auckland NZ hosts the 1990 Commonwealth games and drummers from all nations invent and perform a drumming spectacular Town Hall performance,

Producer/Director Creative TV/ TVNZ/ Manukau City Doco TRAILER ONLY HERE Broadcast TVNZ 1991

FROSTBITE” Political Hippies including OZ magazine take over The David Frost Show live to air Program.

Live TV Globally 1970 Program Insert “FOURTY YEARS OF F..K” TVX BBC 2006

KOTAHITANGA O NGA WHAKAARO" Community Forum Theatre Workshop for Maori at Mungamuka Bridge Marae, New Zealand. Philippines Educational Theatre Association tutors using techniques of Augusto Boals "Theatre of the Oppressed". Issues of domestic violence and cultural oppression explored .
Producer, Direct, Edit Doco Softscan 19 87

"NOVACAST TV" Carrington residents oppose GrainCorp Terminal, Flotilla of Hope to Naru Refugees , Transport Union Picket

Direct, Edit Doco Broadcast Satellite Community TV 2005

"FOR LOVE OR MONEY" It is Sydney, 2010, where the major conflicts of the breaking Millennium, the scramble for resources and the fight to survive in a collapsing environment, when every act and commodity is measured for profitability, when you don't count. An advertising executive is laid off and his personal and economic world collapses. Feral street scavengers , caught robbing his house, become his allies in his survival.. They find a junked computer and on it records of a corporate conspiracy leading to Sydney's water supplies pollution . An epidemic erupts. Emergency powers are invoked. Running the blockade they seek data on pollution gathering water samples underground from old mine tunnels. Here they encounter weird forces, Elders, ghost ancestors, guardians of nature help them escape detection. Playing tag with security forces they bring their proof back to the city where a media circus ensues and the villains are exposed.

Softscan, Produce Direct Camera, Edit Drama Softscan. TRAILER ONLY 2004

  Protest by business owners and Green Peace against
"Mountain Top Mining" in the Hunter  Valley Catchment area.

Producer, Direct, Edit Doco Softscan Broadcast Satellite Community TV 2007




MILITARISING OZ” 400 people active in the Peace Convergence at the ADF- US war games at Shoalwaterbay, Queensland. Effects on Whales, military personnel, Indigenous peoples of the Pacific within the US global strategy for domination. Iraq, Guam,Hawaii,Vieques are part of the strategic arc. Inhabitants affected by Depleted Uranium and Toxic chemicals. Helen Caldicott speaks on Nuclear Armageddon

Produce Direct Camera, Edit Documentary Softscan 2011

NGARRAMA" Dramatic Treatment of the Relationship between Birrabahn and the Rev Threkild at the Mission on Lake Macquarie. Looks at the role of language and the compromises of cultural interaction between the native inhabitants and the colonising power.
Producer, Direct, Edit Drama Softscan/Puzzle Prods/ Uni Newcastle 2008


LOG CABIN HOME" During the mid 70's recession young Alternative Lifestylers moved to the country and built their own homes. This the story of several from the Nimbin area after the Aquarius Festival. We meet the builders on their journey using bush timber, recycled windows and mud brick and their battle with local regulators. Made for The Homebuilders Association.
Producer, Direct, Edit Doco Softscan 1977
PRIVATE EYE PUBLIC EYE"   1984 Improvised Drama in Green Screen using photo sets. Filmed as actors improvise against virtual sets. Flying Kiwi Film Festival
Producer, Direct, Edit Experimental Drama Softscan 1984

VIDEOSPACE" Experimental video collaboration between TVX London Filmmakers Cooperative and the BBC with live discussion, dance and music mixed using Chroma Key, Video feedback and sound and video loops. Shot a BBC studios.
Experimental Video TVX IRAT BBC 1970
METAVIDEO PROGRAMMING" Experimental video collaboration by Bush Video featuring colourised images using a CoxBox at AFTVRS. Exhibited at Computers and Electronics in the Arts exhibition in Canberra and now Part of the National Gallery Collection Canberra.
Experimental Video Art Bush Video 1974

"HONEYMOON OCCUPATION" Australia has some of the largest deposits  of uranium necessary for the making of nuclear weapons. As part of the Anti Nuclear campaign in 1982 Friends of the Earth organised the occupation of the newest proposed mine in the desert of South Australia to highlight the dangers. Sited over and tapping into the Great Artesian Basin aquifer in the driest continent was clearly a danger to the environment. Made in Super8Sound with help from FOE and Garry Patterson.

Producer, Direct, Edit Documentary -Softscan 1982


"COMMUNITY DOCUMENTARY NEWSREEL" New settlers in the “Rainbow Region” of the Northern Rivers brought with them new values, skills and set up new industries. This series of short documentaries covers some of this. Healing Festivals where heath modalities are practiced and taught, Solar Power workshops on building solar heating panels, a Meditation Retreat held in a newly built center in the forest teaching awareness and compassion and a Herbal Distillery making tinctures for herbal medicines
Producer, Direct, Edit Documentary -Softscan 1978