Creative Television/Soft Scan Digital Cinema 1991
To Air- Television New Zealand 1991

Drummers from all nations, from Polynesia, Melanesia, Malaya, Africa, The Bahamas, India, New Zealand and Australia, work together to mix their styles and cultures to produce a stunning public performance at the time of the Commonwealth Games in New Zealand.

This happens at Whaiora Marae where the musicians are welcomed in the traditonal Maori tradition. For ten days we eat , live and get to know them. We go behind the scenes as they workshop perfomances and talk to the different nationals about the meaning of drumming in their cultures and backstage as they prepare on the night of the performance.

The results of this fusion culminates in an amazing display of musical culture to a wildy enthusiastic audience.


What is a drum- a drum will praise you, it will criticise you, if you are a good drummer someone will give you a house, a woman…”