1973 was the time of the Aquarius Festival at Nimbin and I was apart of Bush Video the group involved in photography, film, electronics and video who set up Australia's first community video access centre and cable TV system . After that many alternative lifestyle people collectively purchased properties in the area, started industries and built houses.

1976 I attended a Vipassna meditaion course near Terania Creek and moved into the Nimbin area. Disaffected with the problems of accessing video gear in the city and its lack of editing I invested in Super8Sound equipment and began to make short documentary films in the area. I lived in a small caravan and powered my editor from my cars battery.

Community Documentary Newsreel covers some community events during 1976-78

HEALING FESIVAL was organised so that different modalities of healing were offered by practicioners for anyone to experience

NATURE SPIRIT is a herbal distillery operated by David Dane producing tinctures for use in herbal medicines.

MEDITAION COURSE In the forest at Dharmananda locals had build a Meditation Centre. Buddhist teacher Luong Pe ran a ten day course in Vipassana – insight - meditation

SUNWORKS Here a workshop on building solar hot water heating systems runs for local owner builders

At Open Channel in Melbourne (1981) I used super8 location footage in "Working Women" 

"HoneyMoon Occupation"(1982) was shot entirely on single system Super8Sound

I shot 2nd unit camera and sound for "The Voyage of the Pacific Peacemaker" shot on Double System Super8 for international broadcast

"Kanaky au Pouvoir"(1987) was shot by me entirely on Single System Super8.