During the mid 70's recession young Alternative Lifestylers moved to the country and built their own homes. Over 600 homes were being built by these new settlers fron the cities . This is the story of several Homes being built in the Nimbin area around 1976, well after the Aquarius Festival.

Built from bush timbers, demolition material like recycled windows and mud brick and by pooling labour and bulk buying through their newly formed Home Builders Association they made their houses cheaply. We meet the builders on their journey. One such community was "Bodhi Farm" a Buddhist community which had seven demolition orders served on its houses by the local Lismore council.

This battle with local regulators coincided with "The Battle for Terania Creek", the logging of the last remanents of tropical rainforest, a major confrontaion which drew Paul Landa, the minister responsible, to the area to investigate. Subsequent to this he visited Bodhi Farm to inspect the houses there. The University of Sydney Architecture School wrote plaaning specifications for use of experimental building materials like those used and in question. This became a reference for local governments to allow planning approval for these materials and for zoning for "community developments"